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The year 2020 is also a very special year that we are experiencing because of Covid 19, but it is also a special year for beeside for several reasons.

One of them, is that beeside had the opportunity to work in collaboration with the firm Empreinte Humaine.

By advising Empreinte Humaine, beeside has enabled this company to provide an app for people in distress. This application is easy to use, powerful, secure, customizable by client. An important project for the company Empreinte Humaine, but also for beeside, in order to demonstrate its talents, both in consulting, as well as in technical, in order to best accompany the digital transformation of Empreinte Humaine’s tools.

HuCare was born in September 2020, to provide assistance to people in psychological distress. Whether it is due to telecommuting and new constraints, whether it is due to confinement, the HuCare platform is there to assist, to help, to support the employees of the various companies that call upon Empreinte Humaine.

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Who is Empreinte Humaine

Empreinte Humaine is a consulting firm in quality of life at work, psychosocial risks, well-being at work, expert consultants in prevention and management of QWL RPS

This consulting firm is accredited as an Occupational Risk Prevention Practitioner and training organization. Empreinte Humaine relies on rigorous scientific bases and tangible results with numerous French and international companies, regardless of size and sectors of activity.

Empreinte Humaine relies on a team of in-house consultants and a network of consultants present throughout France, Canada and some twenty countries around the world. They thus work with work psychologists, clinicians, work doctors, preventionists, psychosociologists, ergonomists, coaches and management professors.

What is the role of the HuCare digital platform?

So beeside made an app called HuCare.

HuCare is first and foremost an individual health promotion program to embed and increase a culture of psychological safety in companies.

This is also the name of a digital platform. This digital platform connects work psychologists with patients in distress.

These distressed patients, especially following the particular context of Covid 19 that is raging all over Europe and the strict sanitary measures that follow, make this digital platform very useful, to companies, but especially to the employees of these companies.

HuCare also provides companies with exclusive content (video vignettes, webinars, etc.) to indirectly support employees in psychological distress.

HuCare is therefore an application that connects patients in psychological distress with work psychologists, and also a web portal for different companies to offer content to best assist their employees in these difficult moments

The digital transformation of the tools made available

As we said in the introduction, The technical challenge was to make the HuCare platform as customizable as possible. On the one hand, to be able to offer different content per company space, but to be able to customize the interface, so that each company has its own universe (logo, image, text colors, etcetera).

The most complex technical challenge, was to be able to update, the availability of psychologist agents in real time without impacting the performance of the application. This feature allows HuCare to offer a real-time list while limiting the client’s infrastructure costs.

beeside is useful for businesses

When creating this digital platform, beeside, through Patrick Petit, felt useful, relevant, and advised Empreinte Humaine by offering its expertise. beeside created a tool that not only satisfied its client Empreinte Humaine, thanks, in particular, to its listening and sharing of knowledge, but also the people who use it on a daily basis.

beeside advised Empreinte Humaine in its digital transformation

Choosing beeside means choosing a relevant player who listens to you. Choosing beeside is a guarantee to satisfy your requests, while adapting the costs of development and infrastructure to your needs.

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