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For five years, beeside has been by your side to realize your projects, projects that look like you, tools that make your daily life easier.

So it’s hard to escape it, two companies with the name beeside have been popping up in Google searches for some time.

This page is intended to clarify to our customers that there are two beeside entities currently, and that they should not be confused. They are indeed two distinct entities, which have no link in any form, neither legally, nor economically. beeside is located in Paris, has customers in Ile-de-France, PACA, Pyrenees and Belgium in particular. The other entity, is located in Corsica and is owned by Mr. Samuel Sallei.


The commercial use of the name beeside has been under this name since 2015 and has never changed. In 2016, beeside became a legal entity and this form will evolve over the years until September 2020.
Here is beeside, seen in 2015, an organization taking shape, here is the information seen on GitHub via its API (link here) about beeside.

Capture of the Github API response that shows the creation date of the beeside organization as of March 18, 2015 on the Github platform.

This is a factual element that shows the will of its creator to become a company to assist, advise its customers, but also make web and mobile applications for its customers. GitHub is a platform that uses Git. Git is a decentralized versioning software that allows to host the code of web or mobile applications. So the start date of beeside’s activities is March 18, 2015 according to this capture.

In recent years, social networks have become a must-have mode of communication. On Facebook, there is a button called « Page transparency » that shows important information such as the date of creation and the name when the page was created on the Facebook social network. Here, in this capture, we can see that the beeside Facebook page was created on August 1, 2018, under the name BeeSide and that this name has evolved into beeside. Only the capital letters have fallen off.

Capture on beeside’s Facebook page

In addition, the domain is owned by Patrick Petit since 2005 in France

The other entity beeside (formerly Sallei Consulting)

Currently, there is a dispute regarding the use of the beeside brand for two companies with the same name and acting on the same activities, namely consulting (NAF code 6202A).

The second entity using the name, is Beeside, located in Ajaccio, Corsica and owned by Mr. Samuel Sallei.

First fact advanced by the opposing entity is that the company Beeside has existed since 2016. Outside of this, if we refer to the information from the registry, we can see that it chose to change the company name Sallei Consulting to BEESIDE as well as the address of the headquarters, on November 15, 2018 according to these legal documents.

Samuel Sallei changes the corporate name of Sallei Consulting to BEESIDE
Capture on the corporate name change on Facebook social network

Sources:Legal announcements Legal news

The other entity is also present on Facebook. If you click on the « Page Transparency » button, you can see that Mr. Samuel Sallei reportedly changed his page name from Sallei Consulting to Beeside on October 28, 2019.

Sallei Consulting became Beeside
Facebook page transparency capture

On that same Facebook page, we can also see that the Sallei Consulting name is still very much present as there is a link that goes to the old url of the old name.

Sallei Consulting featured on beeside's facebook page
The « Learn More » button link goes to a webpage

Performance index according to Google PageSpeed Insights

When an expert creates an application, be it a website, a SaaS application, an e-commerce site, there are several aspects that should not be overlooked. One of these aspects is performance.

The performance of a web application is very important for three reasons:

  1. SEO ranking
  2. the site is not readable on a mobile device, this may turn the customer off.
  3. the display is too slow (largest Contentful Paint), the customer may get tired of waiting for the rendering on his mobile

So the huge risk here is losing potential customers, due to lack of SEO, Google prefers better performing sites on equivalent metrics, or, the customer getting impatient because the load time is too long.

Here is a comparison between beeside, some customers, competitors and Sallei Consulting that became beeside.

The first test is beeside (

The site you are currently viewing.

Results from Patrimoine Pluriel, one of beeside’s clients

Wix showcase site results

Results of the digital agency Galadrim, located in Paris

Results of the digital agency WeBoom, located in Ajaccio

WeBoom is a web and digital agency based in Ajaccio, Corsica

Results of Sallei Consulting becoming Beeside

How to interpret these results? 

The score is out of 100. The higher it is, the greater your performance index.

Do you think this is representative of the experience and quality of work done?

These scores may change slightly or, if the respective publishers have changed their content or container, these scores could change significantly. Keep in mind that these captures were made between January 8, 2021 and February 10, 2021.

Optimizations for SEO

Unfair SEO of Sallei Consulting turned beeside, by Mr. Samuel Sallei

Mr. Samuel Sallei says he was unaware of the existence of the trademark beeside, when he changed the name of the entity Sallei Consulting became Beeside, until the creation of the company (in September 2020) to the name beeside SAS.

However, it would seem that he called upon an SEO company, to improve the ranking of his website on the name beeside, that this company would have employed means. We do not judge here the quality of the work in SEO of Mr. Samuel Sallei and his team, but of the third company.

In fact, as you can see from this capture, the company Sallei Consulting, now Beeside, is referenced on some sites in this way.

According to SEO experts, this practice is catalogued as  » unfair  » because, the sites on which Beeside, owned by Mr. Samuel Sallei, have no link directly or indirectly with the areas in which the company operates.
According to this capture that was made on January 8, 2021, what do you think of this argument regarding the lack of knowledge of the existence of the brand beeside before September 2020?

Domain names

Mr. Samuel Sallei on behalf of the company Sallei Consulting which has become Beeside would like first of all, to geographically confine the company beeside in Ile-de-France.

One of the assumptions is that he would have registered the domain name in .FR, shortly after beeside forgot to renew it.

beeside is present on the web with the domain name  » .IO  » since 2017,  » .NET  » since 2015.

However, even if a TLD (top-level domain aka domain name) is supposed to represent the geographical belonging, many companies, whether French or from elsewhere, opt for domain names with a different extension.

With currently on sale, it made sense to fall back on a different extension.

On the other hand, we realize that Mr. Samuel Sallei owns at least these extensions .FR, .EU, .CO or even .DIGITAL. He prides himself on having, through his company Sallei Consulting which became Beeside, a national scope.

However, the geographical extension does not prove anything, on the contrary, everything suggests that beeside has a global geographical scope by not wanting to confine itself to France or French-speaking countries. beeside has its pages in French and English, to once again prove that the scope is international.

Finally, Google considers .IO domain names as generic top-level domain names, just like .COM, .NET, .ORG, .CC, .TV because they are generally perceived by users as generic and not specific to the country to which they are theoretically reserved. They are frequent domain names for IT startups, because IO is identified as an abbreviation of input/output. In short, this fits perfectly with beeside’s activity and proves again that beeside doesn’t only target the Ile-de-France (definition visible in Wikipedia).

Tracking tools

There are a plethora of tracking tools, and it’s pretty easy, to make your own. Which is the case at beeside.

First of all, a tracking system has been set up on BeeHuge. This tracking system, independent from Google Analytics, allows to record the IPs of the different customers, without storing private information. So that, the tool analyzes the IPs and highlights the most viewed publications.

A similar system is present on beeside, which allows for comparisons between, people who have visited BeeHuge and then switched to beeside.

For information, also, beeside has been practicing the maintenance of various web applications for many years, very few are consulted by Corsican residents.
On September 26, 2018, when Mr. Samuel Sallei registered the domain name in .FR, there is a trace of a person connected from Ajaccio…


These various elements are intended to show the good faith of the Paris-based company beeside.

beeside hopes that this is just a misunderstanding and that light on these various events will be cleared up quickly.

Also, beeside hopes that this dispute will be resolved quickly, to avoid the two entities, potentially more important problems.
To conclude, these two entities are in no way related either legally or economically. beeside has no connection with the entity Sallei Consulting became Beeside and owned by Mr. Samuel Sallei.

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